Squale Professional Dive Watches
Since 2015, Island Watch has operated Swiss made dive watches the SqualeWatches.Com website. Now we're glad so one can provide them to you immediately for purchase. Founded in 1946, the Squale emblem name is a synonym for Swiss Made expert diving watches. In the beginning, Squale produced watches and watch instances for various Swiss manufacturers who didn't have the knowledge to construct professional dive timepieces. The smaller brands used the Squale brand on their dial as a sign of pleasant. In 1950, Squale started to provide their own range of expert diving watches beneath the Squale name marking the beginning of the brands institutional history. At the give up of End 1960`s, Squale delivered their first one thousand meter divers watch with a unique glass on flexible mountings that didn't use or want a Helium release valve. Squale commenced to supply the elite corps of a large number of armed forces, along with the parachutists corps "Folgore Brigade" a part of the Italian Airforces ( "Aeronautica Militare Italiana") and the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps, the "Marina Militare Italiana". This made Squale mythical for first-class and they have become the benchmark logo for dive watches across the world, a standing it has loved for numerous decades. Handcrafted in Switzerland with the identical fine of the vintage models, Squale is lower back with a exceptional line of watches that does the Squale call and reputation justice.

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